Perfect Jeans For Your Curves

It can be tough to define the exact silhouette that works best for you with so many denim types available—skinny, straight, wide-leg, girlfriend, boyfriend, and everything in between. Finding the proper style, cut, and color that fits you like a glove is a difficult task, but once you do, it’s a true sartorial triumph.

All you need to know about finding the best-fitting jeans is a basic understanding of composition and visual perception. The search for the right pair of jeans becomes easier once you understand how to dress for your body type and the exact hanfu skirt pattern size that fits you. Balance and proportion are the important phrases here. The ideal pair of jeans should make you appear longer and leaner.

A few icons have left their imprint on the history of jeans over the years. In 1961, Marilyn Monroe wore boyfriend jeans that were turned up at the ankle and an oversized white blouse.

Jane Birkin, a British-born actress, musician, and style icon, made blue jeans one of her hallmark style staples in the 1960s and 1970s, pairing them with Breton stripes, casual tees, and sweaters.

When Farrah Fawcett chased a bad man on a skateboard in a Charlie’s Angels episode, she started the flared jeans trend.

Thelma and Louise, the heroes of the 1990s film, wore their characteristic high-waist faded jeans, which we now call the “Mom” jean.

In the early 2000s, Kate Moss made skin-tight denim her off-duty uniform of choice. Style-conscious women all around the world followed suit.

A denim company assessed 60,000 women’s body forms around the world and came up with three curve IDs that work for 80% of women and are based on curves rather than measurements. Each style comes in three different cuts: straight, thin, and skinny-boot. According to industry research:

• 87 percent of women wish they could find jeans that fit them better than their current pair.
• 54% of women try on at least 10 pairs of jeans before deciding on one pair to buy.
• At least one day a week, 58 percent of women who work full-time in an office wear jeans.

Some jeans manufacturers have adjusted their items to accommodate curvaceous hips and larger waists using computer imagery of thousands of women. Additionally, several websites now assess your measurements or provide online tests to assist buyers in finding the best-fitting jeans.

TrueFit, a startup that works with large department shops, has created mathematical tools that help buyers determine sizes based on how apparel from several brands fits them.

If you don’t want to be confined to one retailer, has a more in-depth assessment that focuses on how your pants fit usually. Do they have a gaping waistband or are they too tight? Do you have large or slender thighs? The site functions as a search engine, and once you complete the questionnaire, it will return a list of dozens of denim designs and brands that are appropriate for your body type. is another alternative that helps consumers select apparel that fits their measurements and body shape. Fitcode also offers a questionnaire to assist women find the appropriate fit, as well as a selected collection of jeans.

But, for those of you who aren’t that patient or tech savvy, how about some good old-fashioned advice on how to choose the most flattering jeans?


Perfect Jeans: a slender jean with a high rise.

Hourglass figures should wear a high-rise denim with minimal stretch to emphasize the tiniest area of their body, their waist.


Perfect Jeans: non-stretch denim in a vintage-cut high-rise with a tapered leg.

Buy one with heart-shaped pockets and quilted embellishments to highlight your figure for a slight boost.


High-rise ’70s kick flare jeans look fantastic on all body types, but they’re especially flattering on curvaceous figures. To balance off larger hips and bottoms, the flare should start above the knee. The flare will stretch your legs if you wear it with heels. Everyone should have a pair, in my opinion.


A flared leg balances out voluptuous hips in the perfect pair of jeans. Dark washes, such as a deep indigo or black, are always flattering.


Perfect Jeans: I propose a cropped, straight-fit jean with a little fluted hem opening for small figures.


Perfect Jeans: A cropped kick flare with a frayed scallop edge, one of the key denim shapes for Spring/Summer 2016, is one of the key denim shapes for Spring/Summer 2016. I wish I had the ability to carry one!