Websites Where You Can Purchase Instagram Followers

If you’ve ever tried to buy Instagram followers, you’re definitely familiar with the process.

You spend a lot of money buying thousands of followers to boost your follower count, only to learn after a few days that you’ve utterly wasted your money.

Your ig followers count increased, but your engagement rate remained unchanged.

Furthermore, you were not highlighted on the Explore page. This means your account is basically the same as it was before you gained your extra Instagram followers, or worse, you’ve been shadowbanned.

Do you know why?

Because you bought bogus bots rather than actual Instagram followers from real people.

Let’s speak about why buying low-quality Instagram followers can be dangerous, and what the best strategy to obtain more Instagram followers is.

We’ll also discuss where and how to purchase real Instagram followers in 2022, as well as some of the top services on the market for increasing your visibility naturally, such as trending hashtags and profile exposure.

In 2022, the Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

When using services to buy Instagram followers, there are a number of traps to avoid.

We advocate avoiding phony followers and instead focusing on alternative techniques that can be beneficial, such as buying actual followers, using manual growth services, and leveraging the power of hot hashtags.

While these firms do not offer pre-packaged Instagram follower packages, they will provide you with genuine followers.

This technique entails the organization spending time getting to know your target audience so that they can locate them for you using demographics, interests, and hashtags.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most dependable methods for purchasing genuine Instagram followers.

With that in mind, let’s look at what we believe are the greatest sites for acquiring actual followers so that you can approach your Instagram growth from a fresh and powerful perspective.

Seek Socially is the finest source to purchase real Instagram followers in 2022, and they also provide Twitter and TikTok services!

Humans power everything, and you’ll see true growth.

It’s critical to boost your Instagram presence with actual, engaged followers, which is exactly what you’ll get when you purchase real Instagram followers from Seek Socially.

They recognize the value of your reputation.

Purchase Genuine Instagram Followers

They employ precise targeting options to discover and engage with the proper people.

If you buy real Instagram followers from Seek Socially, you’ll also get a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the results.


Kicksta, one of the most popular venues for Instagram growth, is a terrific way to increase your engagement as well as gain new followers.

They employ AI technology to ensure that you gain more Instagram followers in the most efficient manner possible.

You’ll provide Kicksta with basic demographic information about your target audience, and their system will then begin interacting with the most appropriate, targeted users. For as long as you employ their services, you’ll continue to gain additional Instagram followers.

Kicksta teaches you how to acquire genuine Instagram followers while keeping your account safe.


Nitreo is another great place to purchase genuine Instagram followers.

Nitreo ensures that your account grows over time rather than simply offering pre-packaged followers who will do nothing to boost your account.

Nitreo is simple to use; all you have to do is connect your Instagram account and provide some information about your specialty, and Nitreo will take care of the rest.

With Nitreo, you’ll gain actual, targeted followers.

There are no bots or phony profiles involved in your Nitreo growth, and they ensure that your account remains protected at all times.

Nitreo has two alternative monthly pricing plans with no contract.

Flock Social is altering the game as well, employing mass Instagram story engagements to generate results and increase your genuine Instagram followers.

They have grandiose ambitions and say that by using their services, you will be able to acquire thousands of Instagram followers.

Because Instagram stories are so popular, utilizing their power is a terrific method to build interest in your account, and Flock Social accomplishes just that.

The dashboard is simple to use and provides useful information about your performance. They’ll earn you followers through mass engagements if you buy them from them.

Flock Social has three monthly plans, and while they are more expensive than other solutions, you may achieve the results you’ve been looking for.

They’ve entirely transformed their business model, and they now have a large number of satisfied customers.

Mister Media

Media Mister, one of the first organizations to offer social media growth, has about as much experience as one could want for. When you purchase Instagram followers from them, you know you’re getting high-quality followers.

Media Mister provides some of the safest delivery options for Instagram followers, as well as a variety of items to pick from.

Media Mister can help you expand your business on practically any social media network.

You can choose the type of Instagram followers you want and customize your selections to get exactly what you need for your profile.

Media Mister is a terrific alternative if you prefer options.


GetAFollower is proud of their own reputation, but they also care about the reputations of their clients, which is why they only provide the highest-quality Instagram likes, followers, and auto-likes services available. GetAFollower knows how to bring you exactly what you need to improve your Instagram reputation.

You choose the plan that best fits your profile and needs, and GetAFollower handles the rest; it’s a quick and painless procedure that will earn you the Instagram followers and engagements you need in no time.

GetAFollower is also great since they interact with their customers; you can contact them with your exact budget demands and they’ll assist you discover something that works best for you.

Buy Genuine Media, the home of real growth for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, offers a user-friendly website that makes buying Instagram followers visually appealing.

You can also purchase Instagram comments, which is a fantastic method to boost your engagement.

When you buy from Buy Real Media, you’ll get active Instagram followers, but the frustrating part is that you can’t see their pricing alternatives unless you request a quote and enter your login information.

Even so, they provide some of the best Instagram services, but they are not targeted followers and are only available globally.

This service may be appropriate if you want to reach a global audience.


Growthsilo is, in our opinion, one of the finest locations in 2022 to purchase organic Instagram followers and enhance your manual growth.

One of the most significant differences between Growthsilo and other services is that it does not offer bots.

Instead, they use their organic Instagram growth service to find the finest hashtags for your specialty and business, increasing your exposure.

Of course, this service isn’t free, but we believe it’s well worth the money to stay one step ahead of the competition and expand your Instagram profile naturally.

Furthermore, they provide additional customisable features on their dashboard that you can use.

Growthsilo allows you to effectively target your audience by utilizing the most relevant tools and hashtags to boost your exposure and ensure that you and your content remain relevant in your industry and niche.

This means they focus their growth services on the target population you’ve asked them to target, ensuring that every follower they acquire for you is relevant to your content and will engage with it.

We like this firm because they don’t provide their customers hundreds of Instagram followers for next to nothing.

This is because they have a team dedicated to finding you genuine followers through marketing, hashtags, and their top-rated manual growth service.

Remember that spending a lot of money on Instagram followers who will not connect with your material will reduce your chances of being discovered organically.

On the other hand, you might partner with a reputable company to develop your Instagram account with active Instagram followers, resulting in increased interaction, sales, and brand visibility.

Let’s take a look at a hashtag strategy firm that we think is also well worth your time now that we’ve covered our favorite manual growth service.


When a location to buy active Instagram followers isn’t enough, you need actual, targeted Instagram followers, which Ampya can provide.

They don’t deal with false followers; instead, their account managers will connect you with your target audience.

The procedure for purchasing authentic Instagram followers from Ampya is straightforward.

You’ll select your package (there are two), check out, enter your goals, and everything will move forward.

Ampya has a 10-day money-back guarantee, as well as an extensive FAQ and blog to provide you with all of the assistance you require.

Trusy Social is another wonderful alternative for you if you want consistent Instagram development and a place to get real Instagram followers to assist your reputation grow.

You’ll receive actual, engaged followers with Trusy Social, which will help you increase your overall profile performance while posing no harm to your Instagram account.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager as you expand with Trusy Social to ensure you achieve the best results.

When you purchase active Instagram followers from Trusy Social, you’re getting a tried-and-true procedure that will get you the results you want.

Among other things, Trusy Social employs celebrity ties to help you achieve optimum growth.

Trusy Social has a lot of alternatives, but they’re a little more expensive than other plans, so it’s not the most cost-effective way to purchase real Instagram followers.

If your budget allows, check out Trusy Social’s cheapest plan, which starts at $97 and goes up from there.


Thunderclap offers high-quality services that include not only the ability to buy real Instagram followers, but also the ability to buy Instagram likes and sign up for their auto-likes service, which is a significant competitive advantage for your content and engagement ratios, resulting in more social proof.

You may buy as many followers as you need from ThunderClap and supplement them with their recurring auto-likes service, which is important because your content will always have a high level of interaction right away.

One of the most critical aspects of a successful Instagram account is engagement, and while a like is small, it is powerful.

More people will like your material if you have ThunderClap, and your algorithm performance will improve dramatically.

You’ll receive more followers with ThunderClap, but you’ll also be setting yourself up for a world of success if you employ their other services.


When you buy followers from StormLikes, one of the finest things you’ll notice is that you may personalize and design the programs you want, allowing you to fulfill your individual goals and needs through real and genuine services. You don’t have to be concerned because they have a lot of experience.

StormLikes despises everything false and bot on Instagram, so you can trust them to keep things authentic.

They’ll help you expand your Instagram account at a rate that allows you to compete with other accounts in your field.

Because they’re an Instagram-only platform, you can focus on your Instagram success and use them to grow your likes, comments, and views.

StormLikes can help you get followers from a certain place or from all over the world. Check them out and start growing your Instagram following.


UseViral has been in the social media growth sector for a long time, so you may purchase followers that are of the highest quality and will genuinely benefit your Instagram account rather than harm it, thanks to their extensive experience and big user network.

They may also assist you improve your YouTube or TikTok performance—UseViral has expanded their social media services to include 8 different networks, ensuring that their clients have a well-rounded online reputation.

UseViral is a wonderful firm to purchase Instagram followers from if you want to go viral on Instagram or increase your follower count for commercial or influencer purposes.


SidesMedia has invested a lot of effort building their own user base in order to supply you with actual, high-quality followers, likes, and more.

SidesMedia is the firm for you if you’re looking for a company that’s serious about obtaining its clients actual Instagram followers.

They’ve spent a lot of time cultivating their own user base in order to consistently deliver high-quality followers, likes, and comments.

Other social media networks, such as YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and others, will be able to help your growth as well.

With greater social media network presence, you’ll always have a stronger reputation, therefore this is a terrific strategy to improve your online reputation.

SidesMedia has a number of different packages, and once you’ve decided on the one that’s suitable for you, you can complete a quick checkout process and they’ll deliver your order quickly and securely, with no password necessary.

If you want to get real Instagram followers rapidly, they’re a good option.


Looking for a well-designed website to assist you quickly gain more Instagram followers? In terms of follower quality, guarantees, and convenience of use in selecting your plan, FollowersUp is one of the best.

You can choose how many Instagram followers you want using a slider tool, and when you’re set, you complete your purchase and are ready to begin.

They will deliver your item fast and securely, and there is no need for a password.

The good news is that when you buy Instagram followers from FollowersUp, you get a lifetime warranty, which you won’t get with most other companies.