Easy Ways How You Can Get Upvotes On Reddit

With over 1 billion monthly hits, Reddit lives up to its self-proclaimed “front page of the internet” tagline. It’s no surprise that some of those people, possibly even yourself, would wish to have some influence on the site. There’s no greater gauge for influence than upvotes, whether you’re attempting to develop influence for company or for personal entertainment.

Because of this, Reddit’s “like” system differs from those of other sites. Instead of likes, Reddit uses “karma,” which is earned through buy reddit upvotes cheap. Users can, however, downvote a post, which will reduce your karma. Karma is the major indicator of how much you can trust a member in the Reddit community. This is why, as a type of “anti-spam,” many subreddits (communities) need a minimum karma for a person to be able to post in them.

Many users try to save money by “karma farming,” which involves publishing irrelevant stuff or even reposting it. There are even subreddits dedicated to karma farming to help newcomers get started on Reddit. Many subreddits, on the other hand, frown on karma-farming and may ban you from their community if they find it in your account. Not only that, but if Reddit users discover you’ve been karma-farming, they’ll be ready to call you out. It’s recommended to avoid it for these reasons.

“How will I receive Reddit upvotes if I don’t karma farm?” you might wonder. You can gain upvotes on Reddit in a variety of ways. That’s why we’ve put together 5 Ways to Get Upvotes on Reddit so you can grow your business or simply create credibility in your connected field.

1. Participate in larger Reddit Subreddits

Many people prefer quality over quantity, but if you post and comment frequently enough in popular subreddits like r/all and r/funny, you’ll almost certainly receive some upvotes. Being active will not only help you gain upvotes for your posts, but it will also help you establish your account as a member of the Reddit community and create trust in the communities you choose to participate in.

It’s as simple as like someone else’s comment or post, or asking a question in the appropriate subreddit, to be active. There are also subreddits, such as r/AskReddit, where you may ask whatever question you have, whether it’s about business strategy or personal life.

2. Submit high-quality content to subreddits that are relevant to you.

You can certainly pursue the “quantity” way and produce a slew of posts and comments on the major subreddits. You’ll earn some upvotes if you do so, but not a lot of them. Also, if your postings are low quality, people may believe you’re only writing for the karma, which might lead to others downvoting your posts, diminishing your karma and backfiring in the end. As a result, posting quality content is the second technique to receive upvotes on Reddit.

The truth is that there is no substitute for high-quality material. You can write quality material for a subreddit if you focus on one you’re interested in or have experience with. And it is through quality that value is produced. People who see your article or responses to their comments will recognize the value of the information you’re providing and will upvote you as a result.

3. Show off your pet!

We all know how much most people adore their pets, so it’s no wonder that they share photos of them on social media on a daily basis. Reddit, for example, is no exception. With over 1.4 million members on r/cats and 21.4 million on r/aww, with both subreddits reaching the main page, if you’re not posting on these subreddits, you’re not even trying. A post on r/aww is almost certain to receive hundreds of upvotes, especially because it reaches such a large audience.

4. Post Up-to-Date Information/Events

Have you ever wondered why newspapers and magazines rush to convey the newest news to their readers, even if it means printing stories with grammatical faults only to get it in front of their eyes first? That’s because individuals are tempted by the news, which means they’ll read the first item about a certain occurrence that catches their eye.

Reddit follows the same rule. The subreddit r/worldnews, for example, is always on the main page, and a hot post on this community generally receives over 20,000 upvotes on the day it is published. To make this strategy work, you’ll need to be on the lookout for breaking news while also making sure you’re the first to write about an event, as people may downvote your post if they think it’s a duplicate.

5. Get Involved With Popular Content

If all else fails, piggybacking on content that is already hot on Reddit is another way to acquire upvotes. This allows you to “steal” the attention generated by a post or comment. You may accomplish this by going to any subreddit and sorting by “trending,” then commenting on the topics that are currently trending. You can react to the top comments on posts that have already gained traction (1,000 or more upvotes), since people will continue to browse down the comment thread and intuitively upvote your response.

It may also help to be funny or have a sense of humor, as Reddit users are notoriously snarky. Upvotes can be earned in a variety of ways on Reddit, including witty responses to obvious questions and insult retorts. All you have to do is think beyond the box!

Last Thoughts

Finally, if you follow the aforementioned techniques, gaining upvotes on Reddit shouldn’t be too difficult. There should be no problem with your post or profile earning karma as long as it’s humorous, engages with popular content, and stays active in subreddits that interest you.