Quick and Easy Ways How You Can View Private Instagram Profiles

Instagram is a hugely successful social media network with over 1 billion members. While many creators enjoy having their work shared with the public, others prefer to keep their photographs and videos concealed and only display them to followers they have personally vetted.

There are two types of Instagram accounts as a result of this: public and private.

The Difference Between Public and Private Instagram Accounts

Instagram’s default account is open to the public. It means that anyone can access everything you’ve shared on your profile. You must go into your settings and select the option to make an account private.

The content on an Instagram account that has been made private is no longer viewable to the general public. The profile is visible, but only the bio and headshot are visible.

This is what it will look like.

Here’s how to access private ig if you need or want to for whatever reason.

There are currently just a few techniques to view a private Instagram account (unless you work at Instagram).

Let’s start with the only “white hat” approach. I don’t suggest tactic #5, because it’s too harsh, but I had to share it.

#1 Send a private account a follow request (and hope it’s accepted)

There’s a reason why many choose to keep their accounts secret. They only want their content to be seen by those they know.

The only true white hat wait is to send and have a follow request accepted. Acceptance of your follow request could take a few days, depending on how frequently the account is monitored.

If your request is turned down, you can always try to DM (direct contact) the creator to catch their attention and, perhaps, get your follow request accepted.

#2 Perform a Google search for the handle of the profile.

Google keeps track of Instagram account content, and you can find a lot of it by typing the profile’s handle into Google’s search engine. However, only content generated while the account was public will be viewable.

#3 Use an Instagram Viewer App from a Third Party

There are several third-party technologies that may be used to view private accounts.

  • Insta-Private
  • Instagram Private Viewer
  • InstaLooker \sInstaRipper \sInstaGrammies
  • GWAA
  • InstaDPS

Any of the options listed above should suffice.

If you can’t acquire access to an account using a white hat method, these are your best possibilities. But be wary: I haven’t tested those programs and can’t guarantee that they won’t use malware or do anything dangerous with your information.

The latter two recommendations aren’t cool, and if you’re caught doing them, you’ll be removed off Instagram. I’m merely including these here for the sake of completeness.

If you use the last two ways, this is what you’ll look like…

#4 Make a fictitious account

Now we’re in the territory of “sort of spooky.” This is arguably immoral, and most platforms’ rules of service, including Instagram’s, prohibit it.

According to “experts” all over the internet, a fake account posing as a woman has a significantly better chance of being accepted than a false account posing as a guy.

I can’t express how much I disagree with this approach, but I have to do so for the sake of the piece.

#5 Make a fictitious account pretending to be someone the creator knows.

This technique is not only in violation of the rules of service, but it’s also creepy. I’m simply sharing this way for completeness’ sake, but only do so if you have a compelling reason to do so (like finding evidence to a crime or something along those lines).

The procedure is simple: you identify a person who knows the profile and create a fake account in their name, then issue your follow request as in step 1.

You can do this by following the individual on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, and identifying someone with whom they interact frequently.

As I have stated, it’s eerie and strange, but it appears to function.

That concludes our list of 5 ways to access a private Instagram profile in 2021. Again, don’t utilize these techniques for deception. Don’t be strange.