Casino Strategies That Actually Work

Although most of these gambling strategies are easy, they can quickly lower the house edge.

You can win more playing sessions if you use the best strategy possible.

1 – Take the Odds

You start every roll of craps with a come-out roll. During a come-out roll, you can place a bet on whether the line will Apass or not. A point is usually established after one roll but it can happen in other cases.

After a point has been set, you can place an odd bet. Because the casinos don’t want you to place the odds bet, there is no designated place for them. Your bet is placed behind the pass or don’t-pass line bet and you say that you want the odds. Ask one of the staff at the casino if you have any questions.

You can place odds bets at zero odds. You should always place odds bets when you can.

2 – Basic Strategy for Blackjack

A perfect basic strategy when playing blackjack can reduce the house edge by as much as 3%. Although the house rules play a significant role in the overall house edge, you can save money long-term by using the best strategy.

This will give you the best chance of winning every session and reduce your chances of losing.

Blackjack strategy charts and cards are available online as well as in most casinos.

3 – Video Poker Strategy Cards

You want to only play on video poker machines with the highest pay tables in the casino. However, you must always use a strategy deck for each game. A strategy card can help you save 2% on every hand that you play.

You can play hundreds of hands an hour so saving money can allow you to play four times as many hands with the same bankroll.

Strategy cards can be purchased in the casino gift shop, or printed from the Internet. To ensure I am ready for any game with a good pay table, I keep the strategy cards handy in my pocket when I play video poker.

4 – Never Bet on the Banker

Always bet on the banker when playing baccarat. This strategy decision is the best you can make at the table and has the lowest house edge.

The house edge for the banker bet is just slightly over 1%. This makes it one of the lowest house edges in the casino.

5 – Slow down at the Slot Machines

The house edge of slot machines is among the highest in casinos. You can often play 300 to more spins an hour.

Combine a high house edge with so many decisions per hour, and you have one of the worst things that can happen in a casino.

There are no real strategies that will help you beat the slot machines over the long-term. However, slowing down your play is the best thing. Your bankroll will last three-times longer if you play 100 spins an hour rather than 300.

6 – Texas Hold’em is a Less Popular Game

You can win more Texas Hold’em by playing fewer hands.

It is simple: If you have better starting hands than your opponents, you will win more hands. Although anything can happen in the short term, the best starting hand is more likely to win the hand over in the long-term.

This experiment will change the outcome of your game if you have been losing on a regular basis.

Only use the following hands to enter the pot.

  • A/A
  • K/K
  • Q/Q
  • J/J
  • 10/10
  • 9/9
  • A/K suitable or not
  • A/Q suitable or not
  • A/J suited, or not
  • A/10 is suited or not
  • K/Q is suitable
  • K/J is suited

Although you may not be playing many hands, you have a better chance of winning if you play 30 to 40% (or more) your starting hands.

After you have proven that you can play for 10 hours, you can begin playing more hands. But don’t get too wild. Losing players don’t play too many hands. You should aim to play an average of 20% of your hands.

You can begin to play fewer hands and work on other aspects of your game, such as position and post-flop play.

7 – Play on Single Zero Wheels

Roulette is a game where there is no strategy that can alter the long-term outcome. The house edge doesn’t care what you wager on.

You can only play roulette wheels that have a single zero space. A wheel with both a double zero or a single zero space has a house edge greater than 5.2%. Single zero wheels have a house edge of 2.7%.

Although it may not work in the short term, you can play twice as much with the same bankroll playing at a single zero wheel over a double zero wheel. This simple strategy should be on every list.

8 – Just Place One Bet

This one might seem a little out of reach for some people, especially if they enjoy gambling.

My friend uses a different strategy each time he travels to Las Vegas. He divides his bankroll according to the number of days he will be on the trip, and then he places the full stake on each day with a 50/50 wager at the start of each day.

He wins the bet and keeps the original wager for profit. He does something different if he loses.

Here’s an example.

For a five-day trip, he starts with $2,000 in his bankroll. He has a $400 daily bankroll. He places a $400 wager on red, black, even or odd every day he gets up. He gambles the $400 he has won and puts $400 into his pocket when he wins.

He’ll win between two and three of the five initial bets on an average trip, so he’ll return home with anywhere from $800 to $1200 almost every time. He may experience some losses over time, but he will still be able to gamble on the first day.

He considered changing his plan to guarantee he could gamble more after this first experience, but he chose to stay with his original plan.

Here are some things he thought about doing differently.

If you lose your initial wager twice in a row, you can divide your trip bankroll to get an additional amount.

For a daily bankroll of 333, divide $2,000 (6 in the example). You can still play with the extra $333 if you lose both your first and second bets on the same day.

You can also recycle your winnings from previous days if you lose the first wager.

Here’s an example.

You can still use your winnings from your first day of betting to play on days when you lose.

You can also win on some days by using the money that you have accumulated from gambling during the day. You can also use this money later in your trip.

9 – Play Tournaments

Tournaments offer a great opportunity to win a large prize and invest a certain amount of money.

There is an entry fee, and you can win a prize if you perform well. The payout structure for the biggest tournaments is variable, but can reach millions or even hundreds of thousands.

There are many types of tournaments. While most people associate poker tournaments with them, many casinos also offer blackjack tournaments and slots tournaments.

This strategy is one of the best ways to increase your bankroll.

Many players plan their entire gambling vacation around tournaments.

You don’t need to win a lot of tournaments to make money. Even if you can only place high enough to win a few times, you will usually do better than playing regular table games or machines that drain your funds.

10 – Bluff Less

This applies to all types of poker, including Omaha, Texas Hold’em and 7-card Stud. You shouldn’t bluff more than you already do.

Although it seems like players on TV are always bluffing, the truth is that most pros only bluff once in a while.

You can bluff half as often in the future than you do now. Your bluffs will work more often, and you’ll make more money when you’re not bluffing.


To win more often and to play longer, you can use the simple strategies that I have listed. It’s easy enough for any casino gambler to master it. Why not give one or two strategies a shot?