10 Romantic Period Drama TV Series You Should Watch

Romance. Period Drama. A Bingeable TV Shows. It’s the perfect combination. The perfect combination. If you haven’t yet experienced the joy of binging on a romantic period drama TV show, you are in for a treat.

1. Your Place to Call Home (2013-2018).

Acorn TV Synopsis This “instantly irresistible story” (Wall Street Journal), is full of secrets, passions, romances, and intrigue. A place to call home examines the bonds that keep families together, and the betrayals which can cause them to fall apart. It has six addictive seasons.

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Why you should watch This underrated Australian series has a great script and a wonderful cast. Romance lovers will love a variety of romances. However, the love story between Carolyn (played by Sara Wiseman and Craig Hall, a real-life couple) is my favorite.

The romance is not the only thing that will draw you in, but the stories and characters will be a magnet for your heart. It’s addictive, entertaining, and binge-able.

2. Call a Midwife (2012)

Netflix Synopsis: Jenny Lee, a newly qualified midwife arrives in East End to begin a challenging career with an order of nursing nuns.

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Why you should watch This British series is heartwarming and filled with wonderful female characters. The series can be heartbreaking at times but it is full of romance, friendships, and love.

Romance fans love romances between Chummy, played by Miranda Hart, and the PC Peter. A love story between a nun, a doctor, and Barbara, the kind and optimistic Barbara, with the handsome Reverend Tom.

There are many things to love, no matter what your taste is in happy-ever-after stories and tragic romances.

3. Downton Abbey (2010-2015)

Amazon Synopsis Downton Abby is a sprawling Edwardian mansion that lies in the Yorkshire landscape. It needs an heir. Violet, the stubborn Dowager-Countess Grantham matriarch of Downton, is played by Dame Maggie Smith. Hugh Bonneville plays her son, the unflappable, stoic Lord Crawley. His American wife Cora is played by Elizabeth McGovern. Julian Fellowes, Academy Award-winner. This is the un-edited UK original version.

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Why you should watch This British period drama TV series is a huge cultural phenomenon. It is charming, funny, and entertaining. It is possible to become obsessed and plan trips to Downton Abbey (Highclere Castle).

4. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993-1998)

Amazon Synopsis Dr. Michaela Quinn (daughter of a doctor) leaves Boston to answer an ad for a doctor in Colorado Springs.

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Why you should watch The love story between Sully and Dr. Quinn was one of the reasons I watched this series as a child. Although it is a bit cheesy, this series can be enjoyed by the entire family. Jane Seymour is a great actress. This is a wonderful choice if you are looking for old-fashioned entertainment with an attractive female lead.

5. Dracula (2013-2014)

NBC Synopsis –Golden Globe winner Jonathan Rhys Meyers (“The Tudors”) is the star of this new drama, and one of the most beloved characters in the world. It’s the late 19th century and Dracula, an American entrepreneur, has arrived in London. He wants to bring modern science into Victorian society.

He is particularly interested in electricity’s new technology. It promises to lighten the night, which is a great benefit for someone who doesn’t like the sun. He has another reason to travel: he wants to exact revenge on the people who have cursed him with immortality many centuries before. All seems well until he falls in love with a woman who looks like a reincarnation of his deceased wife.

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Why you should watch: Although NBC canceled the series after season 1, it is still worth watching if your interests include British period dramas, romantic vampires, and steampunk. The love story is captivating, Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays the Byronic monster brilliantly, and the supporting characters make it a great series.

6. Gran Hotel Grand Hotel (2011-2013).

Netflix Synopsis: When Julio Olmedo finds out that his sister Cristina is missing from the Grand Hotel in suspicious circumstances, he pretends to be a waiter to find out more.

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Why you should watch It’s one the most romantic period dramas ever made! It offers everything, from star-crossed romances to mystery and shocking twists to name a few. This period drama is a must-see.

This Spanish series was so well-received by word of mouth that many remakes were made worldwide. One such remake is a contemporary American version. You should still watch the original, it is the best!

Yon Gonzalez, the romantic lead man, could be a challenge for Aidan Turner!

7. The hour 2011-2012

Acorn TV Synopsis Set in the 1950s this Emmy-winning, Golden Globe-nominated BBC drama explores the high-stakes world TV news. Ben Whishaw (Spectre), Romola Garai (Emma), and Dominic West (The Affair), headline an all-star cast which also includes Anna Chancellor and Peter Capaldi from Doctor Who. The New York Times calls it “a great genre…with an intelligence and style all its own.”

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Why you should watch the Slow-burn romance between Bel & Freddie builds to a dramatic climax that showcases Garai’s undeniable chemistry with Whishaw. While The Hour was unfairly canceled after season 2, the series’ brilliance cannot be overstated. The Hour TV series is a romantic period drama that you should watch if your passion is for thinking.

8. Candleford (2008)

BritBox Synopsis The first season follows two different communities and is both funny and emotionally charged. Their inhabitants are seen through the eyes of Laura youngster. They face many changes and upheavals as they try to adapt to the inevitable. Laura’s story is both poignant and inspiring.

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Why you should watch Larkrise will be your weakness! This is why you should watch the series. This is a great TV show for period dramas due to its memorable romances, rich, complex characters, and powerfully emotional stories. This series has a stellar cast that includes popular period drama characters and great writing.

9. Mercy Street 2016-2017

Amazon Synopsis Based on true events, Mercy Street transports viewers beyond the battlefield into the lives and times of a unique cast of characters, including doctors, nurses, and loyalists from the South. It shows the chaos of Union-occupied Alexandria and Mansion House Hospital during the Civil War’s early years.

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Why you should watch Although the series begins slow, it picks up and has a few interesting romances. The series also has an amazing story and a stellar cast. It ends with a wonderful ending.

10. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (2012)-2015

IMDB Synopsis A female sleuth sashays down the back lanes of Melbourne’s jazz clubs in the late 1920s fighting injustices with her pearl-handled pistol, and her sharp wit.

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Why you should watch: Miss Fisher’s wit and her amazing costumes are just a few of the reasons to pay attention. Dot Collins, her assistant, and Hugh Collins are also charming. Because it’s so romantic, this series of mystery romances became an international success! The series was so popular, fans all over the globe crowdfunded a new film.